How to get 100,000 customers for your products without having 100,000 followers

In 2018, we woke to the viral post on major Instagram influencer requesting people to follow others to get a follow back, this is a good idea but let ask ourselves, Will this generate the expected engagement, conversion, and sales you really desired?

Sure, there are dodgy shortcuts you could take like buying followers or using bots—but what’s the point?

Your goal is to grow a following of people that will actually care about and engage with your brand. That’s the only way your strategy will deliver real business results.

But, Do I Need More Followers

In 2019, more than ever, you need more social media followers; cause organic reach, social currency and the ability to drive web traffic and revenue all depend on them.

While growing, your following should not be the sole focus of your social media strategy, it still pays to have as many followers as possible also.

More Followers Means More Reach, and either we like it or not, an abundance of followers equals credibility on those social media platforms. This is exactly the game social influencers play.

I don’t have 100, 000 followers and I need to reach 100,000 People

Businesses that fall in this category will need to embrace paid advertising: putting even a little bit of cash towards paid advertising can go a long way towards generating business and growing your customer base. Beyond revenue, it has a positive impact on the perception of your company and brand awareness.

While embarking on this strategy, remember also, branding will go a long way to help, though it doesn’t produce the immediate results of a paid advertising campaign, it’s one of the most valuable marketing assets around.

Branding would make you a content authority in your industry, keep your content and image consistent but know that branding is like a wave – what begins as a small ripple grows into something much larger and more powerful as it picks up momentum.

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Let’s look at benefits of Paid Advertising result , with your fewer number of followers.

1. With Paid Advertising, You will Reach where Your Customers are.

Online marketing survey carried out on online buyers revealed that 81 percent of those who shop, do their online research before making a purchasing decision, and 60 percent start with a search engine.

Here is why digital marketing is the new way to get the word out there about your small business. Pay-per-click (PPC) advertisements, like those placed in Google’s search network, let you present your company as the answer to a consumer’s search.

While many companies advertise on Google to reach the widest audience possible, you can also opt to advertise through other networks as well.

If you know that your key demographic uses Facebook often, you can use Facebook Ads to promote your product to reach them.


2. Looking for Credibility and Visibility, Try Paid Advertising

Be like my new Client that want to build better relationships, increase credibility, and creates a faster way to connect with potential customers online. I had to recommend Paid advertising as mean to achieve that, apart from building brand strategy.

This is the real reason when people see an advertisement for a company (especially a good ad) they instinctively assume that business has money. And if they think a business has money they assume it’s doing well, and has that capacity to offer the services.

If you have it and your competitors are not on the face of your ideal customers, go for paid advertising.


3. Paid Advertising gives you the option of Targeting Your Ads Well.

Sites like Facebook and Google have the ability to put your ads in front of the right prospects due to their access to a lot of data. You can define your audience based on location, age, gender, demographics, interests, and behaviors.

This gives you that ability to put your ads in front of the right prospects. Your ad for new tires will not get to the eyes of who’s looking for spas in the area and Facebook knows better than to show an ad for life insurance to someone whose profile says they’re a 20-year-old university student.

4. You Have Access To Powerful Monitoring and Analytics Tools with Paid Advertising.

With Google’s AdWords and Facebook’s Ads Manager, you can measure results and see how individual campaigns are doing. You can view demographic information on the types of people viewing your ads and use that data to more accurately target prospects in the future.

At this point, looking for access to powerful resources and make insightful business decisions is a good plus at adopting this process to reach your 100,000 customers.


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