COVID-19: 5 Ways to Do Smart & Responsible Marketing

There are ways to achieve Empathetic Marketing during a crisis like that of Coronavirus disease (COVID-19

It’s important that brands address the issue with tact, empathy, and mindful marketing.

Empathy-based marketing is about walking in your customer’s shoes to understand their experience and how we can better help them get what they want. You don’t want to think like the customer. You want to BE the customer.

Here are guidelines your content can adapt or used during these challenging times.

1. Audit what you have currently running.

Make adjustments to your marketing campaigns and scheduled content timelines. Decide what should be paused, prioritized, audited or created

2. Create helpful content.

Your brand can still provide value to people, even if your product doesn’t directly help folks deal with the quarantine.

Let your content be in the position to entertain, inspire, educate, & inform wisely,

3. Evaluate imagery and messages your brand Is sending

Images with social gatherings, handshake, hugs etc. will need to be changed except they correspond or connect with containing the spread.

4. Leave the epidemiology to the professionals

Taking a clue from Mark Ritson, The wheel of industry need to keep turning, let’s leave the epidemiology to the professionals and focus on our core work.

Don’t capitalize on the crisis, keep people informed, don’t create fear or cause panic and remember to mind your tone.

 5. If what you do supports or enhances people’s lives while being quarantined, tell that brand story.

Yes, on the same level of empathetic marketing, your content has to carry that aura of connecting well to your target audience. A product or service that might be of benefit to the current situation will not only increase your brand visibility but position your brand as that who came to help when they need you most.

It could be a sanitizer, face masks, wall cleaner, a telehealth services or any other offering that is essential at this challenge times, don’t hide them or drop them on your audience face. Show them in the best way around an inspiring and helping story.

Remember: The Quarantine Won’t Last Forever

We wish everyone health and safety during this unusual time.

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