Should Doctors Blog? 6 Reasons to Say Yes

Today, with the increase in open blogging platforms such as WordPress and Medium, you can easily start an engaging dialogue with the world, sharing your unique voice and perspective.

A decade ago, blogging was an activity usually undertaken by pop culture crazies, political pundits, and online diary writers. Today, it’s mandatory for any business. Put simply, creating blog posts gives your healthcare website more pages, more content, and more chance of being found by inquisitive patients. Marketing your practice? Data proves that blogging adds strength.

Doctors who blog say they do so for a number of reasons: to educate patients, to market their practices, and to humanize themselves. “Quite simply stated, social media matters to your practice because it allows you to connect with more people,

Why Blogging for Doctors, Clinics. hospital and healthcare providers

Blogging can promote clinical services, improve search rankings, and attract new patients for healthcare providers. It’s a must for marketing your practice, yet providers are ignoring the value of blogging.

If you’re a doctor thinking about blogging or doubting, here are 6 things to consider.

1. Blogs communicate authoritatively, demonstrate expertise and maintain reputation;

2. It’s a foundation block for our online presence (think Google search results and SEO)

3. About 70 percent of consumers discover businesses by way of a blog;

4. Blogs combine with social media can help attract new patients.

5. Blogging offers an outlet for connection and expression.

6. Blogging takes time, but can also save you time.

If you’re serious about creating a blog and an online voice that successfully connects your practice with patients and website visitors, please reach out to me today. And to help you get started, get my New book: 7 Ways to Get More Patients with Digital Marketing: A Healthcare Digital Marketing Guide for Doctors, Clinic, hospital & Healthcare providers

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