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[rt_pricing_table_style pricing_table_style_variation=”seven” pricing_table_title=”WhatsApp Viral marketing” pricing_table_subtitle=”We’ll make your message go viral on WhatsApp” pricing_table_currency_symbol=”N” pricing_table_price=”3000″ pricing_table_period=”while offer last” pricing_table_tagline=”WhatsApp” pricing_table_button=”BUY NOW” pricing_table_image=”8080″ pricing_table_color=”#000000″ pricing_table_button_link=”https://wa.me/2348139260994″]
  •  Sent Viral marketing to 500 to 2000 WhatsApp Contacts
  • Niche Targeting and Conversion
  • Basic Set-UP and direct linking to your page and WhatsApp
[rt_pricing_table_style pricing_table_style_variation=”seven” pricing_table_title=”Social Media Marketing” pricing_table_subtitle=”“Let me take Social Media off your plate…leaving you more time to do what you love!” pricing_table_currency_symbol=”N” pricing_table_price=”15000″ pricing_table_period=”while offer last” pricing_table_button=”BUY NOW” pricing_table_image=”7822″ pricing_table_color=”#000000″ pricing_table_button_link=”https://wa.me/2348139260994″]
  • ”This Package is recommended for LOW-MODERATE TRAFFIC Social Media Platforms.
  • Images and content provided.
  • This service includes FACEBOOK AND INSTAGRAM.
  • We post based on your Facebook/Instagram Algorithms and your Facebook/Instagram Insights.
  • We provide: 3-5 posts weekly/5-7 days a week .
  • Increase Engagement, Follower Increase & your Conversion RateT
[rt_pricing_table_style pricing_table_style_variation=”seven” pricing_table_title=”Website Design” pricing_table_subtitle=”I’m here to help with affordable web design for small business.” pricing_table_currency_symbol=”N” pricing_table_price=”” pricing_table_period=”while offer last” pricing_table_button=”Request a Quote” pricing_table_image=”7729″ pricing_table_color=”#000000″ pricing_table_button_link=”https://wa.me/2348139260994″]
  • Affordable Website Design Service 50% off the Normal Price with our partner
  • Packaged for Small Business Owners
  • You 100% Own Your Website
  • Responsive Design
  • SEO Optimized
[rt_pricing_table_style pricing_table_style_variation=”seven” pricing_table_title=”Web Content, SEO Article Writing” pricing_table_subtitle=”We are here only for Engaging blog posts, Persuasive sales copies, Effective website content & Highly converting landing pages.” pricing_table_currency_symbol=”N” pricing_table_price=”” pricing_table_period=”” pricing_table_button=”Request Quote” pricing_table_image=”7994″ pricing_table_color=”#000000″ pricing_table_button_link=”https://wa.me/2348139260994″]
  • Highly researched and meticulously written web posts.
  • Captivating and engaging  to drive more traffic.
  • Carefully edited and proofread articles passed through Copyscape.
  • Manually written content free of grammar errors and spelling mistakes.
  • 100% Money back guarantee because your satisfaction is my topmost priority.
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